The majority of the grants that we provide are issued just prior to Christmas, to residents of the parishes aged 60 or over, and who meet our criteria. To apply, residents are required to fill in an application form which is available in October/November each year, from local community premises or downloaded here.

This financial gift is given as a cheque. Provision of this money is generated from investment or donations from various benefactors, most generously the Henry Smith Charity

Lingfield United Trust will consider the award of modest grants throughout the year to any appropriate applicant who contacts us directly or is referred to us through Social Services or local health and welfare professionals. A ‘Case for Assistance’ application form can be downloaded here.

Contact should be made in the first place to our Clerk to CONTACT the Trustees.

The objects of the Charity state that the area covered is defined by the parishes of Lingfield, Dormansland and Baldwins Hill. Reference will be made to these historic boundaries as defined by the Church Commissioners, when assessing suitability.

Map of the area